The Mini-Podcast: Late Sequel Pitches

At the end of our recent podcast about Trainspotting 2, Nathaniel, Sara, Marisa, and Jesse got to talking again about what other long-gap sequels we’d like to see, and we think we came up with a better batch than last time the subject came up. So enjoy this 20-minute bonus track of sorts, where we go around the room and talk about the bearded/aged/years-later sequels we’d all love to see. Find out what Jesse chose that Nathaniel was able to guess in 30 seconds flat.

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The Podcast: Trainspotting 2, Late Sequels, and the Films of Danny Boyle

Just over two decades after the original hit U.K. cinemas and also U.S. college dorm rooms like an electric shock, Danny Boyle and company have returned to the world of Irvine Welsh with T2: Trainspotting, which is to say, the much-anticipated (by some) Trainspotting 2. Marisa, Sara, Nathaniel, and Jesse saw the new movie and then got together to talk about it: How it works as a long gap sequel, a follow-up to the beloved original, and an entry in the filmography of Danny Boyle. How have Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, and Begbie aged? How have we? Listen in to find out — and to prepare for our bonus mini-episode, coming later this week, going further on long-gap sequels.

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We are now up to SIX (6) different ways to listen to a SportsAlcohol podcast:

Choosing Social Media in Trainspotting 2

Look, I don’t like to impugn the work of other culture writers. It can be a grind, and the demand for topical content relentless. But I took umbrage at this piece over at Vulture, because it seems determined to misread the scene from the Trainspotting sequel it discusses to place it in part of an uncool trend where movies dareth speak ill of social media. Movies are often pretty unhip and out of touch with what’s going on with internet culture, but on the other hand, people who make their living on the internet are often understandably but sometimes insanely defensive about any perceived slights to the medium that puts food on their table. Anyway, my instinct reading this piece was to go through it with a red pen like a crazy person, and bless the internets, this is something I can do now! So here is my annotated version of this article I kinda hated. Consider this a preview for our upcoming podcast about T2: Trainspotting and the films of Danny Boyle. Click for bigger versions.

The Podcast: Logan, Kong, and the Beasts of March

Traditionally, March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but this year it’s been pretty beastly the whole way through, with Hugh Jackman’s feral superhero Wolverine taking a last stand in Logan, a sorta-live-action retelling of Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast, and the King himself, Kong, returning for Kong: Skull Island. The crew saw all three of March’s beast-driven blockbusters and got together for a wide-ranging conversation about these animals and their respective franchises. Nathaniel, Marisa, Jesse, and Rob discuss the X-Men movies, the long history of Kong movies (see also: our Kongtent), and the Disney industrial remake complex, and a whole lot of nerdy more.

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We are now up to SIX (6) different ways to listen to a SportsAlcohol podcast: Founder In the Wild: Kevin Geeks Out About Monkeys!

As you may have noticed, co-founder Nathaniel is a bit of an expert when it comes to monkey movies. If you’re in the NYC area, you get the chance to see him monkey around in person ONE WEEK FROM TODAY at Kevin Geeks Out: Monkey Madness taking place at the delightful Nitehawk Cinema. Official description:

The show celebrates some of the strangest tropes including: Gorillas vs. Nazis, Women who participate in forbidden monkey love, Chimps in Horror Movies, a defense of Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, a retrospective on Kong sequels (authorized and unofficial), plus the use of monkeys in art-house cinema and propaganda films.

Thursday, March 23
9:30 pm
Nitehawk Cinema
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

In the meantime—or if you’re surfing over here from the Nitehawk page/event—get a preview of Nathaniel’s primate expertise by checking out all the kongtent he’s written in the run-up to Kong: Skull Island.

The Podcast: Los Campesinos! Then and Now

You may have gathered from our obsessive list-making that we here at are in love with Los Campesinos! Naturally, our obsession didn’t end with listmaking. Rob, Jesse, Marisa, and Sara went out to see the band play in Brooklyn, then sat down for a conversation about the gig, new album Sick Scenes, the evolution of the band’s sound, and how indie rock itself was faring back in 2008 when the first Los Campesinos! record came out. You’ll also find out: How do we process rumors and our own fan-fiction about band members? What was in contention for Rob’s best-ever Valentine’s Day? Which LC! albums does Marisa find underrated? What did LC! newbie Sara think of all this? And what band does Rob reveal he hates (not the Eagles) (well, the Eagles, but also another one)?

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We are now up to SIX (6) different ways to listen to a SportsAlcohol podcast:

The 20 Best Los Campesinos! Songs (So Far): Our Post in Lists

You must know by now that we here at love a good list. And while some of our recent comprehensive career-spanning list projects have addressed legends or beloved modern masters, we also have plenty of indie rock cult favorites who we love and obsess over just as much. So when Los Campesinos! emerged from their longest band hiatus ever to put out their new record Sick Scenes and do a proper U.S. tour, the first thing we knew… well, OK, the first thing we knew was that Rob, Jesse, and Marisa were going to listen to Sick Scenes at least a thousand times collectively over the next year, and the second thing we knew was that we were going to get in the ol’ soft mosh pit for their New York City tourdate. But the third thing we knew was that we were going to enlist some fellow fans of this seven-piece English indie-punk-tweemocore band and put together a list of their best tunes. Because they have so many, and because we perpetually wish more people would pay attention to them. Then again, I won’t deny that it sometimes feels good to flat-out worship some obscure-by-top-40-standards indie rock outfit and glory in their continuing existence. As one of the write-ups mentions below: People who don’t dislike or ignore this band tend to love the ever-loving fuck out of this band. This, I think, is how indie rock stays alive – not by selling out Radio City Music Hall.

Though they’ve only been around for about a decade, Los Campesinos! have released six studio albums as well as at least an album’s worth of B-sides, rarities, EP tracks, and Christmas songs. And honestly, even if they weren’t closing in on 100 to choose from, many of their songs have such an explosion of wordflow, energy, vocal byplay, and shout-along hooks that a mere 10 or 15 would seem too few. So we decided to make this list a muscular 20 songs long. Happily, the results reflect our LC! fandom at their every stage, from the youthful brio of 2008’s Hold On Now, Youngster… to the dire break-up stories of Hello Sadness to their more reflective, but still exuberant, 2017 incarnation. So get to reading and get to listening and maybe get to weeping angrily, if that’s your thing. We also have a podcast about our experiences with this band in general and at their recent live show in particular, as well as some discussion of other indie rock that popped out back in 2008. But first, our day in lists.
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King-Size Kong

How big is King Kong?

Everyone who’s heard of him knows the answer is “big,” but the real answer is, “it depends.” Because in his seven film appearances (including this week’s Kong: Skull Island) his height has varied dramatically, at times within the same film. So if we’re going to look at the history of life-sized King Kongs, we’ve got to talk about what “life-sized” means. Continue reading King-Size Kong

Kong: Pulp Fiction

Friends, we’ve talked about the sequels and knock-offs of King Kong. And you can probably guess how excited we are to see Kong: Skull Island when it opens this weekend. But I’m here today to talk about a world of new King Kong stories you can read right now! I’m talking about the work of Joe Devito, Brad Strickland, and Will Murray chronicling the authorized history of “King Kong of Skull Island.” Continue reading Kong: Pulp Fiction