The Podcast: Top Summer Movies of 1993

Remember 1993? Remember the summer? Remember the summer movies of 1993? Remember dinomania? Remember dad-movie-mania? Remember Nora Ephron movies making $125 million at the box office? Remember 10-to-12-year-old boys starring in movie after movie after movie? Remember legal thrillers? Remember Michael Crichton? Remember riding your bike around by yourself while your mom was out of town and your dad was at work, hitting the curb and going over the handlebars, scraping the hell out of both your knees and walking yourself home in search of first aid? Remember your dad dropping you and your brother off at the mall to see Coneheads and So I Married an Axe Murderer and the first big-budget movie based on a video game? Remember Stallone trying to be normal? Remember renting these movies on VHS around Christmas 1993 or seeing them in second-run all the way in summer 1994? Remember Last Action Hero vs. Jurassic Park? Remember playing the Jurassic Park theme at your piano recital? Remember sequels, but not that many sequels? Remember when sequels were kinda low-rent most of the time? Remember?!?!?! remembers. We remember every year! So here, finally completing our long-running series-within-the-series about summer movies of the 1990s, is a look at the summer movies of 1993. Nathaniel, Sara, Jeremy, Ben, Marisa, and Jesse are all here to talk about our hazy memories, our more recent rewatches, and, yes, dino-mania as we lived it.

Here’s the full set: