“Eli ‘Weevil” Navarro. Ex-con. Somewhat reformed gangster, and the only man in Neptune who might just be smarter than Veronica Mars.”
fuckyeahweevilandveronica.tumblr.com, from which most of this media is taken.

Eli ‘Weevil” Navarro’s relationship with Veronica Mars was bumpy but they respected each other. Could it have been something more? Maybe not, but their relationship often goes unobserved. So maybe. From the horse’s mouth:


Kindred Spirits

I love Veronica Mars, but I never got her thing for rich guys. She spent so much time working against the powers that be, but she liked her men preppy. This gernally went uncommented on, except by Weevil.

He said stuff like this all the time.
He said stuff like this all the time.

It makes sense he would would be the one to put her in her place. Veronica’s place in Neptune society after the Mars clan falls out with the 09er crowd is similar to Weevil’s. He was often telling her the hard truth no one else would and vice versa. Over time this forms the mutual respect that is one of the foundations of their friendship. That and the fact that they constantly owed each other favors.

He loves his family.

He loves his little niece that helps him rob a fair. He only stays in high school to make his grandma happy. Compared to Veronica’s actual boyfriends, Weevil may have committed the most crimes, but he also has the healthiest relationship with his family. Might be a nice change of pace.
Veronica gets along with Grandma too
Veronica just chilling at the Navarro household

She always lets him off the hook

Weevil brainlove

Veronica often accused Weevil of committing crimes she was investigating. He often take umbrage, but sometimes he did do it. I don’t know why he would be mad, especially when Veronica never busted him.

He never started a bum fighting ring

In the mid aughts, a series of videos called Bum Fights became popular.  They were truly abhorrent spectacles where some jerks would pay bums to fight and debase each other. Weevil was never involved in such a thing. Because that would be wrong.
mutual respect

All of the flirting

The sexual tension begins with Veronica and Weevil’s first meeting:

While Veronica and Weevil did develop respect over time, the innuendo never stopped. That many years with that much back and forth, I’m just saying maybe something else was going on.

all. the. time.
all. the. time.

Look at this beautiful SOB

Just look at him
Francis Capra
Check out the sweet UPN logo

I was really hoping that I could just find a youtube video with a series of clips of Weevil smirking while “Blurred Lines” played*, but alas. Just imagine that’s how this post ends.

*Not that I condone “Blurred Lines”