I think the biggest mistake we made with Veronica Mars week is that it’s only one week long. I’m not going to have time write an article about everyone we could ship Veronica with, so here’s a list of everyone else I at least have an outline on..

Mostly, I wanted an excuse to use one of these shots.
Mostly, I wanted an excuse to use one of these shots.


The haircut is not Schmidt-quality yet, but the smile was always there.
The haircut is not Schmidt-quality yet, but the smile was always there.

This is going to be silly by the end, so let’s start with a serious one. I feel bad that I neglected to even mention Deputy Leo in any of my other posts this week. I think it’s a real testament to the strength of Veronica as a character that even though she was a high school student and he was a cop it always felt like she was in charge. Probably the closest to an equal Veronica had as a love interest. Unlike a lot of her romantic pairings, this one is on Veronica for not ending well.



This is a tough one. I could probably do a whole series of articles about both Wallace and his friendship with Veronica. Positive, equal, platonic relationships like Veronica and Wallace’s are hard to come by on TV. That being said, why didn’t Wallace and Veronica ever get together? This is a thorny issue for me, so I’m just going to imagine if the show got a few more years of them together at college, it might have happened.

Much like I’m giving Wallace short shrift by not doing a full post on him, Percy Daggs III and a couple of other costars were not used in every season three episode due to budget constraints. A lot of focus was on Veronica’s love life, so If Wallace was dating Veronica we might have gotten more Wallace in season three. If Percy had more screen time, maybe he wouldn’t need to do so many commercials.


mac and veronica

Same deal as #TeamWallace, except it’s Tina Majorino who gets the extra screen time. If Veronica were to experiment or otherwise question her sexuality in college, who better but with Mac? Mac doesn’t date that environmentalist or the guy who sells tests. She’s also more involved in Veronica’s cases because they’re always hanging out. Win-win-win.


Micheal Cera guest stars on Veronica Mars
Hey you in the sexy blue sweater, penny for your thoughts?

Michael Cera guest-starred as a Hearst RA for Veronica and Wallace’s pre-frosh visit. He seemed very nice! Unlike other Hearst RAs, he didn’t help rape anyone. I don’t think this would work out, but college is a heady time where Michael Ceras have a shot with Kristen Bells, even if only for a brief moment.


ken-marino-as-vinnie-van-lowe-in-veronica-mars-movieThey’re both PIs! And he loves his mother!


I would not call myself fashionable, but yikes.
I would not call myself fashionable, but yikes.

Ok, so he turned out to be a murderer and his hair/beard combo was tragic. But again, similar interests! All of Veronica’s sidekicks were competent. It might have been funny if she had a bumbling one.



Stay with me on this one. Veronica’s season one boyfriend Troy Vandergraff was played by TV’s Jimmy Olsen, Aaron Ashmore. Aaron’s more famous twin brother is the Iceman of the silver screen, Shawn Ashmore. Veronica made it clear that she and Troy are dunzo after he used her, but maybe she’s attracted to his less threatening brother, Blaine Vandergraff (played of course by Shawn Ashmore)?  He’s handsome like Troy. He’s kind like Troy was pretending to be. He doesn’t have the same baggage, but maybe he’s harboring a horrible secret! There could also maybe be some sort of Parent Trap thing.


Yeah. No.
Yeah. No.

I’m still trying to think of something funny for this one, but I don’t even see it as a joke. Ryan Hansen brought a lot of depth to what should have a been a one note character, especially in the third season.  I still don’t see Veronica going for this, ever.