The Mixtape: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Usually, the podcast features a bunch of your fave nerd friends talking about pop culture and stuff. In fact, two more episodes with exactly that kind of high-quality conversational content will be arriving in the coming weeks. But for now, we have to take a break and see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and while you might not need any additional help getting psyched for it, is always happy to help you with things that don’t require help. So we made you a Star Wars mixtape.

It is not as long as a traditional mixtape. It is not even as long as a single side of a traditional mixtape. This is because you’re supposed to listen to it on your way to see the new Star Wars movie to get you hyped up, whether you’re traveling by train, car, foot, landspeeder, or Hutt-owned barge.

Like a lot of silly things about, this practice came from something Jesse and Rob used to do in high school. Now we’re sharing it with you! And I’ve added a trivia component to boot. Read on for instructions.

Here are the simple three-step instructions for preferred listening to’s Star Wars mixtape for 2017, which you can download HERE.

  1. Figure out when you will be arriving at your theater of choice to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  2. Approximately 35 minutes before that time, hit “play” on the mp3 of our mixtape on your music-playing device of choice.
  3. Get fucking psyched.

Here is the trivia component:

The songs on this mix have one thing in common. What is it?

The samples on this mix also have that same thing in common.

HOWEVER: This one thing does not apply to any music or samples that (a.) are from a Star Wars movie, (b.) contain a reference to Star Wars, or (c.) are from something featuring Star Wars cast members. Category (c.) is relatively rare and you may not even notice the few times a sample falls into that category, but it’s there to cover myself. Most of the non-Star Wars songs and samples share that One Thing.

Feel free to get at me on Twitter if you think have the answer. I won’t retweet and spoil it for anyone.