The Podcast: ’90s Music

The list of the 90 Best Songs of the 90s led to our biggest podcast yet, with seven panelists — plus a special call-in guest! — talking for eighty minutes about ’90s music. In a wide-ranging discussion, Rob, Jesse, Marisa, Sara, Ben, Craig, Nathaniel, and phone participant Jason talk about where our ’90s music list went right, where it might have gone wrong, what bands got screwed over and what songs from that decade we’ll always love and/or hate. Find out:

  • Who wasn’t listening to ’90s music during the ’90s
  • What Rob and Jesse agree is the best R.E.M. album
  • Which album made the guy at Tower Records insult Ben during college
  • Why Rob feels like Marisa is gaslighting him
  • Why at least one of us hates that Meat Loaf song
  • And so much more!

Join us, won’t you? It’s like having a special ’90s music brunch with a bunch of your best nerd friends.

How To Listen

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  • batkvetch

    Quote from Mama Batkie regarding the Nirvana story: “I can neither confirm nor deny it happened but I can believe your aunt would play it and that Grandpa would have turned it off.” She should be a politician.

    Also I still wish I had stood up for Alanis but only because I feel like she’s standing in for the Bikini Kills and PJ Harveys that were probably a bit too obscure to make the list proper. She’s the more populist version of that and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    • jesse

      I will now imagine your mom skillfully pivoting the conversation toward one of her pet issues after issuing that statement…

      For what it’s worth — and this may actually back up your point, not contradict it — a lot of those Alanis votes came in from participants who did not tend to have Bikini Kill or PJ Harvey songs elsewhere on their list, or (speculating here) bubbling under. In fact, I don’t know if PJ Harvey got a single vote across all of the ballots! I think Bikini Girl got one. So you may be right. And I don’t know that it’s a bad thing, but I do think there’s a difference between being important and being good. For me, there is enough of a range of female artists and musicians in the ’90s pool that I don’t necessarily feel the need to save a slot for Alanis just because she had a popular song that expressed anger. Maybe it’s confirmation bias but I feel like I can hear the Glen Ballardness in all of those Jagged Little Pill tunes and I think there are a lot of other directions you can go for that perspective in rock and roll from that time.

      Still, yeah, you should’ve stood up for Alanis! (Even if you didn’t vote for her.) I only left that moment of silence in there because it led into Craig’s Dave Coulier joke.

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