Social Media Human Being

We are Social Media Human Beings!

If you’re anything like me, you are full of hate. A couple of the things you hate are social media ‘experts’ and the silly names they give themselves. Some of this hate might be borne out of jealousy because you want that job, but I wouldn’t read too much into it. 

We here at don’t claim to be social media gurus, ninjas, or any other moniker that reeks of cultural appropriation. We are, however, human beings and we would like you to follow us on social media. We are Social Media Human Beings! Here is but a sampling of our fine social media offerings:

Facebook – If you’ve read this website before, you know that we are somewhat out of touch with what’s going on with the kids (or other people, really). I hear that Facebook is losing popularity, but it’s still my one stop for what my mom’s doing, my neighbor’s political rants, how drunk passing acquaintances got last night, and your diet. Like us on Facebook to add our posts to that awesome mix.

Twitter – Ah, Twitter. Where the magic happens. We post a lot in all caps and there’s nothing we can do to stop you from replying to us in racist slurs! Check it out!

Tumblr – If you like pictures, especially pictures that move, you probably have a tumblr. Follow us to get updated every time we post as well as probably some reblogs about Sherlock or the patriarchy or whatever.

Instagram -I already have all the pictures I’ll ever need of food I’m about to eat, myself in workout attire, or just my face. That being said, I hear people love Instagram! I grabbed our name so no one squats on it.  Why don’t you follow us in case we start using it?

Pintrest – Hell yes we have a Pintrest! By which I mean, Hell yes I signed us up for Pintrest while writing this post!

I know I’m supposed to end this post with a myspace or friendster joke, but I just don’t have the heart. No jokes about livejournal, because if I can find a way to set up my old one to autopost SportsAlcohol updates, I totally will.