Tuesday Morning Mix: The Unified Theory of Honeypie

So, the Palma Violets have a new album out this week, and while  I was checking out the (one-take!) video for their new single, I came across a lyric that’s pretty much too British for me to understand. It did, however, start with a term of endearment I knew quite well: honeypie.

That’s when it struck me: The word “honeypie” is an indicator of an awesome song. Think about it.

Coming up empty? Well, I put together a small video playlist to jog your memory. This mix does not exist on Spotify, because only two of these songs are currently on there. You’re going to have to stream it old-school.

Also, I debated about whether or not it was “honey pie” or “honeypie.” I decided — based on nothing, because that’s what we do in publishing — that “honey pie” refers only to the dessert, while “honeypie” is the term of endearment. That is now sportsalcohol.com house style, and we’re sticking to it.

On with the honeypies.

Honeypie, You’re Not Safe Here

Honeypie, You Are Making Me Crazy

Honeypie, You’re a Pissed-Up Slapper

Still don’t know what that means.

Honey, I’m Not Your Honeypie


Yes, I know this is a Beatles cover. But the Beatles are on here already, and I like the screamier version better anyway.