The Podcast: The Coen Brothers; Hail, Caesar!; Fargo at 20

The Coen Brothers have a new movie now playing in theaters everywhere! (At least for the moment.) Marisa, Jesse, Nathaniel, Sara, and Ben went out to see Hail, Caesar! (as we went out to see Inside Llewyn Davis back in 2013) and then got together for a chat about the new movie, our favorites (and least favorites) from the Coen filmography, the filmmakers’ pet themes, actors, and techniques, and the upcoming twentieth anniversary of Fargo — along with the FX TV series with which Jesse has some bones to pick. It’s a wide-ranging conversation, hitting Lebowski, A Serious Man, The Hudsucker Proxy, The Man Who Wasn’t There and many more! It’s a must-listen for any and all Coens fans: it really ties the room together, you betcha. (You know: for kids.)

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