The Podcast: Best Movies of 2015

Now that our list of the best movies of 2015 has been published, perhaps you’d like us to justify our choices — and address what didn’t make it? Well, you’re in luck, because on our Best Movies of 2015 podcast, Nathaniel, Sara, Marisa, and Jesse get into a lengthy, wide-ranging, and in-depth discussion of all of that

Find out:

–Which one of us failed to place Mad Max: Fury Road at #1 on his or her ballot
–What box office flop Nathaniel is particularly willing to stand up for
–Why Sara found Carol so moving
–Which of our collective picks baffled us as individuals
–What Marisa loved about Ex Machina
–What Jesse considers the most unexpected trend in sequels

In short, our Best Movies of 2015 podcast has something for everyone, so have a listen!

How To Listen

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