The Podcast: The Alien Series

The Alien series has become, against some odds, one of cinema’s most enduring sagas, even as several of its best and most famous installments very much resist the temptation to tease out plans for sequels. With the eighth Alien-featuring film and second prequel to original Alien, Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, just out in theaters, we gathered together a bunch of Alien fans to talk about every single movie in the franchise in one way or another, even the ones with the Predators. Join Marisa, Jesse, Nathaniel, Sara, and Jon as we discuss:

  • Our franchise faves
  • What’s up with Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien series
  • Other filmmakers who might be up to the task
  • What we thought of Alien: Covenant
  • How many Michael Fassbenders is… still not enough Fassbenders
  • The gross Frenchness of Alien: Resurrection
  • Whether going into hypersleep is always a bad idea
  • Seriously, the ones with the Predators
  • And more!
  • How To Listen

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