The Mini-Podcast: Late Sequel Pitches

At the end of our recent podcast about Trainspotting 2, Nathaniel, Sara, Marisa, and Jesse got to talking again about what other long-gap sequels we’d like to see, and we think we came up with a better batch than last time the subject came up. So enjoy this 20-minute bonus track of sorts, where we go around the room and talk about the bearded/aged/years-later sequels we’d all love to see. Find out what Jesse chose that Nathaniel was able to guess in 30 seconds flat.

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  • I only regret that we weren’t already recording when Jesse said he’d made his selection so I could relive the rush of just knowing what he’d picked. A couple of things from off-air conversations & twitter that I want to add:

    – I didn’t speak up about how there’s a whole new crop of character actors that could be cons in Con Air 2. Ben Mendelsohn, Shea Wigham, Michael K. Williams, Kevin Durand, Scoot McNairy, etc. Donnie Yen? Maybe see what kind of accent Forest Whitaker wants to do? So you’ve got them taking over a plane that has Cage’s daughter on it, and he has to pilot a rival plane with the old gang of cons to help her escape.

    – I actually have one if we need a Face//Off pitch. Get Dominique Swain back as Travolta’s daughter, Jamie Archer. Now she’s an agent & has to swap faces with…let’s say Ruby Rose. Maybe get Travolta for a cameo as Old Weird Dad Archer. Not sure if this is a theatrical release, or a kick off for a DTV series.

    – I don’t remember what other bad ideas we had for the Independence Day Resurgence podcast, but I stand by the My Girl one!

    • jesse

      The My Girl one also does the classic sequel move of giving us a ridiculous long wait for the third one and also acting as a make-up for a subpar second movie. Over the weekend I was methodically going through the films of 1991 and rating them on Letterboxd and I definitely had a flash of, oh, My Girl, yes, I wanted to see the sequel Nathaniel pitched.

      • Marisa

        My Girl was solid. Throwing that out was throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

      • Marisa

        The My Girl pitch was solid. Throwing that out was throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

        The other ones weren’t bad ideas, but they weren’t exactly new pitches for decades-later sequels. I suggested a film adaptation of the musical Ragtime, which is a long gap but not a sequel. Nathaniel pitched Dinosaurs Attack as a companion movie to Mars Attacks–also not a sequel. He also put in a plea for Old Fink, but that doesn’t count as a pitch because it’s really the Coens’ idea, we just want to see it happen. Jesse also pitched Old Man Riddick, which obviously I would buy a ticket for, but also isn’t a 20-years-later sequel.