Jesse Reviews the Films of Anna Kendrick

Seriously, though, if you don’t believe my Table 19 review, I am invested in Anna Kendrick’s career. Journey back in time with me, won’t you?

“Kendrick and Plaza are particularly charming in their freedom to act like dummies and subvert the usual ‘nice girl’ of a wedding-centric romantic comedy.”
Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

“But Kendrick still throws the movie off, mostly by giving it her best: She’s so likable, and plays the stock concerned-girlfriend part with so much sweetness and honesty, that the quirky family dramedy material plays even more false in her presence.”
The Hollars

“…a nice fit for a screenplay written by 30 Rock’s Kay Cannon, especially in a runner about her inability to formulate any nasty rejoinders to the beautiful, taunting leader of the Germans.”
Pitch Perfect 2

“When Christian and Dana engage in some cute math-flirting, it’s charming enough to pass for funny on purpose, especially when director Gavin O’Connor places a particularly hulking-looking Affleck next to the diminutive, chirpy Kendrick.”
The Accountant

“The success of future Marshall musicals is assured, as long as he keeps working from Sondheim and re-hires Streep, Blunt, Kendrick, and Pine.”
Into the Woods

“Kendrick sings her heart out and also proves a great reactor, managing to steal a couple of scenes from Jordan even when he’s the one singing.”
The Last Five Years

“The effect could be maddening, a feature-length avoidance of the elephant in the room. But Wilde, Johnson, and Kendrick make that avoidance appealing.”
Drinking Buddies

“Anna Kendrick, delightful as always, [plays] Taylor’s sweet girlfriend Janet.”
End of Watch