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The SportsAlcohol Roundtable: New X-Files

Rob is one of the founders of SportsAlcohol.com. He is a recent first time home buyer and it's all he talks about. Said home is in his hometown in Upstate New York. He never moved away and works a job to pay for his mortgage and crippling chicken wing addiction. He is not what you would call a go-getter. This may explain the general tone of SportsAlcohol.com.

For backround: Chris Carter is bringing The X-Files back to Fox. This was met by joy from the internet at large, but a more reserved reaction from the SportsAlcohol crew (who seem to remember the last movie unlike everyone else). Below is an email exchange where we try to work through our feelings. Please join us in the comments below to let us know what you think and propose new episodes for this run.

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