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The SportsAlcohol.com Podcast: Trainspotting 2, Late Sequels, and the Films of Danny Boyle

Jesse is a cofounder of SportsAlcohol.com even though he doesn't care for sports or alcohol. His favorite movie is Ron Howard's The Paper. I think. This is what happens when you don't write your own bio. I know for sure likes pie.

Just over two decades after the original hit U.K. cinemas and also U.S. college dorm rooms like an electric shock, Danny Boyle and company have returned to the world of Irvine Welsh with T2: Trainspotting, which is to say, the much-anticipated (by some) Trainspotting 2. Marisa, Sara, Nathaniel, and Jesse saw the new movie and then got together to talk about it: How it works as a long gap sequel, a follow-up to the beloved original, and an entry in the filmography of Danny Boyle. How have Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, and Begbie aged? How have we? Listen in to find out — and to prepare for our bonus mini-episode, coming later this week, going further on long-gap sequels.

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